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An Afternoon at the Circus

January 28, 2012

This afternoon we took Mason and Julia to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center.  Mason got the tickets from our friend Meridith for his birthday and he was excited as we drove towards downtown.  I am not sure he entirely understood what a circus was, but this did not dampen his enthusiasim.  “I’m going to the circus daddy!” he exclaimed as I snapped him into his car seat.

After a quick lunch at Voodoo Dog we found a parking space near the law school and walked over to the TLCCC.  We had no idea where our seats were located and as we made our way down the steep staircase it soon became apparent we were sitting on the front row!  Both of the kids were overwhelmed by the huge set and the pre-show activities. After a short fussy spell Miss Julia sat on my lap sucking her finger.  She spent almost the entire show in this position taking it all in.  Mason sat on his momma’s lap sucking his thumb.  They were so well behaved and some popcorn and coke during intermission kept them content as the rest of the show wrapped up.

As for the show itself, it consisted of a lot more gymnastics than I remember at prior circuses.  There were elephants, numerous dogs, horses and camels.  There were no lions.  The acrobats on the twirling circle were entertainin, and the strong man was impressive.  However, the highlight was a guy in glasses who interacted with the ring master.  He chased him around, spun glasses of water in a hoop and threw glitter into the air.  I am not sure the kids enjoyed his comedy, but I thought he was hilarious.  The circus was fun and I think both Mason and Miss Julia enjoyed themselves.

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