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A Tiny Pirate and a Very Small Dinosaur

January 30, 2012

I was shaving in the bathroom this morning when in wandered Julia.  She is a picker, and immediately ran over to the trash can to see what treasures it held.  Before I could shoo her away she ran out the door giggling with a toilet paper tube in her hand.

After finishing up I found her in the kitchen standing on a chair with the toilet paper tube to her eye.  She looked at me and let out a hearty “Arrrggghhhhh!”  I asked if she was a pirate, she shook her head no, climbed off the chair, and zoomed into the living room.

As usual we were running late.  I grabbed my coffee and schooped her up in the other arm.  Mason looked at me and let out an “Arrggghhhhh!” I asked if he was a pirate too.  He shook his head no and let me know he was a dinosaur.  I remarked that a pirate and dinosaur sounded amazingly similar as he chased our weiner dog Molly down the stairs.

Once they were loaded in the car we headed off towards Big Boy School.  I glanced up and saw Miss Julia looking at me with her “telescope” while Mason made dinosar sounds at his sister.  “You’re daddy dinosaur!” Mason exclaimed as we pulled into our first destination.  I let out a “Arrggghhhhhh!” and plucked him from his car seat as he smiled.

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