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Our Future Seminoles

February 2, 2012

After the circus before we headed home Becky wanted to drive up to the Westcott Fountain.  She wanted to let the kids run around and attempt to snap a few photos of them.  I thought this activity has disaster and wet children written all over it, but went along with it.

When we got to campus we illegally parked in a visitor space that indicated you could be towed 24/7 365 days of the year without the proper sticker.  We decided to tempt the college towing deity and made the short walk past some fraternity houses.

As soon as the kids heard the water they ran to the fountain.  I expected Miss Julia to dive head first, but she was more reserved than Mason.  He dipped his hand into the water and then sampled a little.

The sun was setting and Becky stopped a student to see if she would try and take a picture of our little family.  Getting an 18 month old to cooperate while taking a picture is next to impossible, but she was able to make Miss Julia look at the camera. We were very appreciative and had fun showing our two future Seminoles one of the prettier places on FSU’s campus.

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