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A Stormy Saturday

March 3, 2012

Our Saturday morning was exceptionally lazy.  We layed in bed and watched the local weather guys discuss how we would soon be engulfed in a line of heavy thunder storms.  Tornado watch boxes began popping up over the panhandle.  These were followed by tornado warnings and numerous severe weather alerts.  A heavy line of thunderstorms ran over Thomasville and on the local radar the city of Tallahassee was blanketed in red.

The stormy weather forced us to cancel our plans.  Instead of going to see a movie, and then hit the grocery store we made a shopping list and watched as the storms slowly slid into Jefferson County.  We heard thunder in the distance and I ran outside to cover the grill and secure the outside umbrella.  I made it inside just as large droplets of rain began to fall.  The rain came down in sheets and made it hard to see down the street.  U.S. 19 was blurred by a heavy haze of rain and wind.

Jackson and Molly rode the storm out on the back of the couches curled into two dog balls.  Sadie perced on the back of the other.  None of them reacted as the thunder echoed.  The kids sat in our laps watching the nasty weather.  Eventually the rain slackened.  We had gotten the lower edge of the storm and avoided most of the heavy rain.  I was happy for that, and grabbed an umbrella as I made my way down to Winn Dixie to pick up some things for dinner.

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