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The Little Shower Intruder

March 5, 2012

I was enjoying a few moments of peace in the shower when the curtain was pulled back by a tiny set of hand.  “I want to take a tiny bath too! I stink.” he said as he climbed in.  I washed the soap out of my hair as he pushed me out of the way.  “I want to get in the water daddy. It feels warm. Please move,” he said as he wedged his way into between me and my happiness.  So much for a few minutes of quiet.

I tried to finish up as the little shower intruder continued to make demands.  “Please put soap in my hair, I want dinosaur hair daddy!”  I squirt some tearless shampoo onto his head and created a healthy amount of suds.  In no time his hair spotted three spike and he had a big smile on his face.

I started to rinse his hair and he put some suds on his face.  “I’m Santa Claus! What can I bring you for Christmas?” he asked.  I looked at him and told him I wanted a race car.  Santa did a very passable impression of a car engine’s rumbling and handed me an imaginary race car.  “Oh no! You dropped it! It broke!” he exclaimed. I put my hand out and he gave me another followed by a soapy hug.

I finished rinsing him off and got a him a towel.  I wrapped him up like a burrito and as he stood in the fuzzy warmth of the it he looked at me.  “Daddy, I love you.” Hearing those words made my morning, and also made up for my less than peaceful shower.

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