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Bottling Our Capital City Cream Ale

March 9, 2012

Our first all grain brew can be summed up in one word, disasterous.  We didn’t mash our grains properly, which led to our brew having a low OG of 1.032.  Resigned to making a small beer we pitched the yeast and hoped for the best.  It slowly started to clarify, and tonight before we bottled it I took a FG reading, 1.018.  This translate into a sad ABV of 1.9%.  We made beer as strong as a shandy.

I understand why the OG was low, I have no idea why the FG was high.  I mixed the yeast in when the wort was 68 degrees F and vigorously stirred.  This has always worked in the past.  I am going to pick the Home Brew Den’s staff’s minds and see where we went wrong.

Mistakes aside, Joe and I decided to bottle our “beer” this evening.  Our old dishwasher had a great dry setting that would sterilize the bottles.  Turns out our new one has the same setting, but the bottles got no where as hot.  It was a perfect ending to this brew, and we decided to only bottle half the beer, as neither of us wanted to drink such weak beer.  I’m mildly interested to see if it carbonates, worse comes to worse we can pour it all out and start over.

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