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Spring Garden Update: Week 1

March 12, 2012

I left my little garden fallow for much of the winter.  The bush beans did okay, and I actually picked two batches of pretty green beans.  The carrots, beets, broccoli and collards however, were a disaster.  I harvested about 3 carrots and struck out with the other veggies.  Termites ate my broccoli and collard green while Miss Sadie Mae tormented the beets into submission.  Although not a successful harvest, I’ll chalk my first Winter Garden up as a learning experience.

With the days getting warmer and the threat of frost behind us it is now time to plant a Spring Garden.  I have grown tomatoes in containers before, but was looking forward to putting them in our raised bed.  I purchased five bags of mushroom compost to supplement my soil, and was getting ready to add it to the bed when I noticed an area of loose, raised soil.  I brushed it with Julia’s shovel and out came an army of angry fire ants.  Seriously? First termites, and now fire ants! My local hardware/garden store did not carry anything that could be used to kill the pest in a vegetable garden.  As a result, I will have to pick something up in Tallahassee to get rid of the ants.

Undeterred by the fire ant invasion I did planted two Early Girl tomato plants in two terracotta pots.  I purchased them from Holly Hill farms and they mature in approximately 50 days.  It is my first time growing them, and I hope they do well.  Once the ants have been relocated, I will plant the rest of the tomatoes.  I have another four Early Girls, two Celebrity, one Brandywine, and a Black Prince.  I also will plant one zucchini and one yellow squash in the front of the bed.  The tomatoes should grow taller than the squashes and unlike last summer, I hope to get a few zucchini to share with family and friends!


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