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Let the Grilling Begin!

March 15, 2012

Spring has arrived in the South! It began with azaleas blooming and this weekend I noticed most of the trees sprouted new leaves. As the warmer weather arrives it is time to clean the grill and get ready for another season of meat filled goodness.  Becky bought me an amazing grill two years ago for Christmas.  I love the convenience propane offers when compared to charcoal, though I am still learning how to not incinerate Becky’s well done steaks.

My gas grill is quite modest when compared to some people’s set-ups.  My friend Jason, who runs sent me some pictures of some projects he recently completed.  They are gorgeous! The outdoor kitchens the grills occupy are gorgeous.  Stone lined floors, granite counter tops and outdoor lighting serve as a nice backdrop to the stainless steel grills.  I included a few of my favorites in this post.  I would love to add one to our yard someday!

In addition to offering grills, sells fire pits.  This would come in handy on those chilly North Florida nights, and I wonder if an oyster grate could be fitted over the top.  That would be a very convenient way to cook up a bunch of my favorite bivalves.  Overall, Jason is the man to see if you need any replacement grill parts, outdoor furniture and other grilling accessories! is a one stop shopping site for all things grill related and the best part is that they offer free shipping within the United States!
10744 N.W. 8th Court
Coral Springs, FL 33071

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  1. March 16, 2012 2:02 pm

    Do they demolish old brick ones? We bought a portable little thing but have this big old messy thing in our yard still. (It’s a long shot but thought I’d ask.)

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