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Mason’s Pizza Pie Makery

March 24, 2012

Three year olds have amazing selective memories.  We can ask Mason to not push his sister; eat the marshmallows out of the cabinet; or play rolleyball in the house; and he will need reminding each time he does one of the above.  If you tell him something in passing however about plaing outside; getting him a match car; or making popcorn he will incessently remind you until you crumble.

On the way back from our vacation I mentioned when we got home we could play outside.  This was before a 4 hour trek back home through two states.  The trip included several pit stops and a reunion with our faithful pups. By the time we got home I was tired. After unloading the car I was ready for a nap.  Mason had other ideas, mainly piddling in the back yard with me at his side.

“Daddy, can we play outside now?” I groaned, he smiled.  I put my flops on and followed him into the back yard.  “We can play rolleyball (soccer) now, okay?” he said as he kicked the ball into a bush.  We passed the ball back and forth until he wandered to the swing set. “Push me daddy!” He climbed onto the swing and I pushed him until I noticed a hornet had taken residence near the chain.  He hopped off and wandered into the shed. He got into his little car and drove around while I pushed him when he hit a patch of leaves.

We were near the tool shed and he looked at me, “Daddy, we need to go to the Pizza Pie Makery and make a pizza pie for momma.” “Where is the Pizza Pie Makery?” I asked. “Over there daddy!” he said as he pointed to the tool shed. That is the tool shed buddy.  He shook his head no and told me it was Mason’s Pizza Pie Makery! He opened the door and began to “make” a pizza pie. “We need to bake it daddy! Put it in the oven!” I complied by sliding the pizza into one of the nylon tunnels stored in the shed.

Once the pizza was baked he got into his car and began the long drive to the front porch.  Near the vegetable garden he got tired. “I’m so hot daddy, I need some lemonade!” he said as he climbed out of his car and ran into the house.  I followed him and made two tall glasses filled with ice.  We sat at the table with him on my lap.

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