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Mason’s Imaginary Language

March 31, 2012

A couple weeks ago I noticed Mason would toss in a made up word to his sentence.  I would be talking to him about something and he would answer me in perfect English with a twist.  For example, I would ask him which color shirt he wanted to wear and he would say something like “I want to wear the tiki lak lak shirt.” He knows his colors and when I held up the orange one he replied with the same strange word. Works for me.

Since then he has started making up more words.  Sometimes I will hear him talking as he plays with his cars or with his trains.  He carries on conversation between the cars, trains and the drivers.  It is pretty adorable to listen to him have entire conversations with his toys.

From what I have read (very limited) made up words are just little man using his imagination.  I am glad he has such an active one, and am enjoying the phase where he wears tiki lak lak colored shirts and drives his car to the pizza pie makery.

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