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“Lost” in Winn Dixie

April 6, 2012

Mason loves going to Winn Dixie with me to pick up things for dinner.  We walk down holding hands and he used to hop into the big part of the buggy.  Lately he wants to “walk on his own,” which is fine by me, as long as he stays near me.  Sometimes he sticks close by, but this evening he was doing his own thing.  I squatted down twice and told him to stay with me, or we were leaving.  He nodded, and then took off, paying no attention to what I said.

After chasing him down twice, I decided to let him go. He was behind the cheese case and I could see the top of his head.  He moved towards the donut case and called for me.  I waited and the next thing I know he is in tears running down the cereal aisle.  “Daddy! Daddy! Where are you?” he said in a tiny scared voice.

I walked to the aisle and called his name.  He ran to me and hugged my leg.  I wiped his tears away, and told him he had to stay near me so he would not get lost.  He nodded his head and stuck by my side as we picked up the last few items*.

*It looks like he learned a lesson after this trip to Winn Dixie.  We have been back several times since he got “lost”, and each time he has stuck by my side.

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