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Dyeing Little Hands and Easter Eggs

April 7, 2012

Tonight we decided to dye Easter Eggs with the kids. We picked up a Paas kit, some white vinegar, and a dozen of white eggs.  Becky got out all the cup we had in the house that were suitable for egg dyeing and filled the cups with vinegar.  She then placed the little color tablet inside and added some water.  “Oh wow!” Julia said as the clear liquid turned a bright green.

Once the dyes were ready we grabbed a couple of eggs and showed them how to place one in a cup, allow it to soak in the dye, and then fish it out with the little metal dipper.   They both tossed an egg into one of the cups and then immediately tried to dip it out with their fingers.  We told them to wait a little longer so the egg would darken up.  This instruction did not have much success.

As the number of eggs began to wane Mason decided to start mixing colors.  He poured them from one to another until he ended up with a dark brown looking liquid.  He aslo played in it with his hands and fingers.  By the time he was finished his fingers were several shades of blue, green and purple.  We stripped both of them out of their vinegar scented clothes and plopped them in the tub.  They had fun and we actually got some very pretty eggs from our efforts.

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