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Easter 2012: He is Risen!

April 8, 2012

We had a wonder Easter! It started with the kids waking up to see what the Easter bunny dropped off at the house.  As usual Becky went all out in their baskets.  Mason was a gardening/nature theme full of seeds; a little garden spade; a birdhouse kits; a stuffed bunny; and candy.  Julia’s has a pretty pinwheel; a bird book; a bunny; and a pillow with her name embrodiered onto the edge.  They loved their baskets!

After checking out their baskets we got the kids (and ourselves) ready for church.  Mason wore a little blue and white outfit with white knee socks and white shoes.  Instead of Pooh Bear he toted his pink monkey.  He was adorable and looked like just Christopher Robin.

Miss Julia wore a pink dress with a big pink bow in her hair.  She looked like a little doll babay and ate up the attention she got at the house and at church.  Amazingly, we got out of the house early and were one of the first families to grab a pew.

The service was great and church was packed.  After saying goodbye to our church family we headed home for Easter dinner.  We made ham; macaroni and cheese; deviled eggs; and broccoli salad.  There was more food than the 5 of us could eat and we had a pile of leftovers.

Later in the afternoon Mason brought his birdhouse kit into the kitchen and asked if we could build it.  I grabbed a hammer and together we assembled the little bird house from Native Nurseries in Tallahassee.  It came out pretty good, and now all we have to do is find a place to hang it.  We had a wonderful Easter and it was great spending time with the kids!

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