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Brewsday Tuesday: Killer Whale Cream Ale

April 10, 2012

imageCream Ale from what I have read was the American brewers’ answer to a European lager when they lacked the ability/facility to ferment a lager at the proper temperature.  I was curious to see Bold City Brewery’s interpretation of the style, and ordered a pint at O’Brothers in Jacksonville, FL.

Name: Killer Whale Cream Ale

Brewed by: Bold City Brewery

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Style/ABV: Cream Ale / 5.5%

Appearance: Served in a pint glass it has a thin whisp of a white head.  The beer itself was golden yellow in color. No lacing was present as it was consumed.

Smell: Not much, grain with a hint of hops.

Taste: This is a very mild and restrained beer.  Some bready malt taste and some sweetness in the background (corn?).  Closes with a hint of hops.

Mouthfeel: Light, smooth with medium carbonation.

Overall: This is a highly drinkable beer that would be great on a hot North Florida Summer’s day.  It actually lives up to what a cream ale is supposed to be, although it could have been a bit more carbonated.  Next time I would like to try this one out of a bottle.

Grade: B


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