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New T-Shirts at Tupelo’s

April 13, 2012

I popped into Tupelo’s Bakery on the way to work this morning to get something for breakfast.  I surveyed my options while Miss Julia wandered around saying hello to everyone, and then broke into a dance routine in front of the honey display. I decided to grab one of Kim’s amazing breakfast rolls full of spinach, feta and tomatoes.  I thought about grabbing a pecan bar, which are indescribably delicious, but took a pass because I was feeling like a fatty fat.

As I prepared to pay for my breakfast, and tried to put Miss Julia’s shoes back on I noticed a t-shirt hanging on the wall.  It was brown and had a dog longingly looking at one cinnamon roll.  Above the dog and roll was the word “drool” written in large white type.  I thought it was a very cool shirt and asked Kim if they were for sale.  Her husband let out a “ah-ha!” and said he knew people would want to buy them.  A friend of his did the design work, and they were $15.00 a piece.

I asked for an XL since the L looked small (and would probably shrink in the wash).  I am thrilled with the shirt and fully expect to be back to buy a second one for Becky once she sees my super cool local shirt.

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