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Our Taxes Are Filed

April 14, 2012

Our taxes are filed! I finished them this morning online and e-filed with the IRS.  Of course there was some drama involved as Mason tried to help and promptly locked the computer up twice.  I have no idea how kids know the exact button not to mash on a laptop, but he has that gift.  “I help you daddy. I press the buttons” were the last words I heard before TurboTax endlessly tried to load a page.  After rebooting and resetting the router we were back in business.  I was very happy when I got the e-mail confirming our taxes were e-filed.

This is by far the latest we have ever filed.  When we were first married we would jump on the computer as soon as the W-2 forms hit our mailbox.  For us the tax return was money to do some work on the house or pay off a lingering bill.  I guess the fact we could wait to file this year shows some financial maturity. Either that, or a severe case of procrastination by me, our resident tax preparer.  In my defense I did need some paperwork from Becky.  She gave it to me at the end of February, and for the next month and a half it traveled back and forth with me to work in my man bag.  Who am I kidding? Procrastination was the driving factor in our late filing.

As for what we’re going to do with the refund, I have no idea.  I guess we can make that call once the check arrives in the mail.  Yes, I went all old school and asked for one to be mailed to us instead of it being electronically sent to our checking account.  I like holding it rather than seeing it just appear.  I am odd that way.

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  1. April 19, 2012 9:39 am

    I too have a child that knows the exact buttons to hit on the computer in order to make it unusable. Troy once hit something that turned the screen sideways and I had to tilt my head while I tried to do a google search on how to fix it. Kids are so much fun.

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