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Moonflowers and Dill

April 20, 2012

Two of the seed packets Mason got for Easter were moonflowers and dill.  After digging a terra cotta pot out of the shed, and buying a second one from the garden center we were ready to plant.

We filled each of the pots with a mixture of top soil and mushroom compost.  Once the pots were full we sprinkled the dill seads on top and lightly pressed them into the soil pursuant to the instructions on the packet.

As for the moonflower seeds, Mason made tiny holes with his fingers and then popped a seed into each one.  I covered them with dirt.  This did not please him, and he dug them up again so he could plant them.  While sifting through the dirt to make sure we had them all he told me he liked moonflowers because they were from the moon.  Too cute.

Eventually we had all the moonseeds replanted.  Mason covered each one with a bit of dirt and then we watered both pots.  I hope the seeds sprout and Mason can watch his dill and moonflowers fill both pots!

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