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The Search for a Lefthanded Baseball Glove

April 21, 2012

Mason was having school pictures and Becky wanted him to pose with his baseball glove.  We looked all over the house for it; in Mason’s closet; in his drawers; under his bed; and in his toy box.  We could not find it and eventually Becky went and bought him a new one.  She walked in with a right-handed glove.  I told him he could use it for his pictures, but that was it.

Since he was little Mason has thrown a ball with his left hand.  He has continued to throw lefty, and can toss it a long way.  When I handed him the righty glove he put it onto his right hand.  It looked so awkward.  I need to find him a left-handed glove stat. The last thing I want is for my future All-Star third baseman to start throwing right-handed.

I have looked several places for a left-handed glove that will fit little man, but so far have struck out.  The ones I have been able to locate are for men, and not preschoolers.  I will keep looking, and until I find one, have put the other glove up.

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  1. May 1, 2012 7:26 am

    We got mikey’s at sports authority. they actually have a nice collection of tiny left-handed things 🙂

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