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Repotting a Sago Palm

April 22, 2012

When we moved into our little cottage we moved a set of sago palms from behind the row of azaleas.  We put one on each side of our front walk.  They anchor the front of the house and are two of my favorite plants in the yard.

Once the two large sago palms were moved they landscapers took a bunch of babies and tossed them into a pile.  I took one and put it into a pot.  It had a single frond sprouting from the top and was teardrop in shape.  I had no idea if it would grown and hoped for the best.

That was about six years ago.  Since that time the little sago palm has lived on the patio in a 12″ terra cotta pot.  Lately it has not looked too healthy, and I decided to transplant it to a large pot I bought at Home Depot.  When I removed it from the old it was root bound.  I gently tore off some of the roots and placed it into the pot.

It took two and a half bags of potting soil to file the pot.  I made sure there were no air holes in the pot and gently tamped down the dirt.  Once the sago was in its new home I watered it.  I hope that the sago palm does well, and does not die from the shock of moving to a larger pot.

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