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Miss Julia is Two

May 3, 2012

At 12:14 p.m. this afternoon Miss Julia turned two years old! She is a happy little girl who starts each morning by calling for her momma and daddy.  As soon as we pluck her out of her crib she is wide open.  You can usually find out where she is by the sound of her laughter.  She is a joy.

After last weekend’s pink explosion at the American Girl Bistro tonight we had a low key dinner for her. Poppy and Meme came over to celebrate with us.  Poppy got her a pair of pink and tan cowboy boots.  Granddaddy Mitch stopped by earlier in the day and left her a red and white tricycle.  She is a lucky little girl to be loved by her grandparents!

For dinner we had lasagne and a salad.  Miss Julia loves anything with sauce and was covered by the she was finished.  Becky picked up a cake for her along with a nice “2” candle.  We sang happy birthday and she blew it out before we finished the song.  She smiled and stuck her fingers in the icing.  It was her cake, and her birthday, so we let her have some fun.  It was a great night and I cannot wait to see what this year holds for our babygirl.

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