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Introducing Miss Maggie

May 5, 2012

What follows is the true story of how a tiny gray fuzz ball of a kitten hit the jackpot.  Altough some may dispute these facts (Becky) this is the actual way events took place.  Honest.

This morning I took the dogs up to Dr. Baxley this morning for their yearly check-up and shots.  Mason came with me and helped me watch over the pups.  While we were waiting to see the vet Mason played with three kittens that were in a large cage.  There was a black one, a black and white one, and a gray one with white paws.  They batted his fingers and wrestled with one another.  He got a kick out of them, and I think it was the first time he ever saw kittens up close. As we were leaving the lady behind the desk asked me if we wanted to take a kitten home. I told her we already had a cat, and did not need or want another.

When we got home Mason was telling his momma what we did and saw at the vets.  He told her about finding Molly and Jackson on a large poster of dog breeds, watching them get their shots, and playing with the kittens.  When Becky heard there was a gray one that looked like her old cat Chole she asked if we could get her.  Mason was excited and I said sure.  We loaded up into the car and drove back to the vets to pick up the “free” gray kitten.  When the lady saw me standing at the desk she smiled.  I told her we wanted to take the gray one home.  She laughed.  She then told me it was a little girl, and she was about 7 weeks old.  I was given a box of flea medicine and told to bring her back for shots in about a week.  I held her close to my chest and walked back outside.  She purred.  Mason was estatic.

The first bit of business was naming our new addition.  Becky voted for Maggie. Mason wanted to name her Popcorn.  We settled on Maggie Popcorn.  Mason fell in love with her and snuggled up with her on our bed watching movies.  Eventually he fell asleep with Maggie curled up next to him.  She was purring on her back without a care in the world.  She is one lucky little kitty.

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