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Our New Office

May 6, 2012

The back portion of our kitchen has been neglected since we moved into the house.  It was first occupied by a small desk, a treadmill and a couple of boxes of book.  The desk was eventually replaced by a larger model I got for free from work, and we added a rickety bookshelf from Becky’s friend Iris.  It was a room that was thrown together from leftovers, and mainly served as an area where we could stash things, to make the rest of the house look presentable, when company was coming over.

A couple of weeks ago Becky decided she wanted a proper office and ordered new furniture.  It consisted of a large desk, two chairs, and a tall book case.  They arrived this past week and put our old “some assembly required” furniture to shame.

This afternoon we ran up to Thomasville where we picked up a new filing cabinet (who knew they were so expensive!), organizers, and some file folders.  While the kids napped we set to work hanging three boards above the desk: a chalkboard, peg board and white board.  All three came with pocket screw holes and were a challenge to hang.  Amazingly, we hung them fairly level and evenly spaced.  Victory! We also hung two wires anchored by red stars to string up the kids artwork.

When we were finished it looked like something out of Pottery Barn! Becky did a great job picking everything out.  The office will serve as a place where she can scrap-book; the kids can draw, and I can mess around on the computer.  It is a wonderful space and it is nice to finally have a grown-up office in our house!

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  1. May 8, 2012 8:14 am

    Looks great!

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