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Spring Garden Update: Week 9

May 7, 2012

On Thursday I was watering when I noticed a tomato in the far pot had a hole in the top. Upon closer inspection I saw a fat armyworm devouring my mater.  Three were infected and I picked them and tossed them into the woods.  I inspected the rest of the plant, removed another worm and hoped that would be the end of them.

On Friday I went to water the garden and saw green tomatoes lining the inside of all three pots.  Mason was with me and had a guilty look on his face.  He confessed to picking all of the tomatoes on the three plants.  He was exceptionally thorough and claimed 27 tomatoes in his picking rampage.

After dispensing with some discipline I looked for something to do with the maters.  They were too small to fry, and I settled on making green tomato salsa.  I grabbed a couple of onions; one bunch of cilantro; two jalapenos; three cloves of garlic; salt; pepper; and a dash of hot sauce.  It turned out pretty well and hit the spot on Cinco de Mayo.

Aside from the massive three year old tomato picking, the garden is doing pretty well.  I picked our first yellow squash of the season in addition to two more zucchinis.

It has been in the 90s most of the past week and I wonder how long the squash plants will last.  I know they grew almost all of last Summer, but they didn’t yield squat.  I assume fruit production is somehow tied to heat.  I need to look into that.

The eight tomato plants Mason did not clean out are looking good.  Some of the fruit are starting to turn a lighter green, and I assume light shades of red will start appearing fairly soon.  I cannot wait to taste the first vine ripened tomato of the year!

Garden Yield Tracker – This Past Week
– Zucchini (2) approximately 2 lbs
– Yellow squash (2) approximately 1 lb
– Green Tomatoes (27) approximately 3 lbs

Garden Yield Tracker – Total
– Zucchini (4) approximately 4 lbs
– Yellow squash (2) approximately 1 lb
– Green Tomatoes (27) approximately 3 lbs

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