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Little Angels Graduation

May 17, 2012

Tonight Little Angels Preschool held their 2012 graduation.  For an hour Miss Connie; Miss Sue Ellen; Miss Angie; Miss Blue; Miss Carolyn; and Miss Miranda kept 25 fidgeting preschoolers focused.  The kids sang several songs as a group, and each had their own small part. I was amazed the teachers kept the kids sitting and on tasks for an extended period of time.

Mason’s big moment when he got to talk about the number five and the color red.  He looked adorable in his little bow tie; khakis and blue blazer.  I was very proud of him! When it was his turn to get his certificate he walked up and then gave Miss Connie a huge hug.  Our little penquin is officially in the shark class!

When the graduation was over all Mason cared about was getting a piece of candy.  He did not want any cake, and instead grabbed one Tootsie roll.  As soon as he had his piece of candy he looked up at me and asked if we could leave.

Before heading home we gave him a little graduation gift.  Inside a blue bag was Toy Story 2 and a small camping lantern.  He absolutely loved the lantern and fell asleep with it in his bed that night.  I am proud Mason is able to move up to the Shark class for 2012-13 and am happy most of his little buddies will be with him.

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