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Watch My Laughing Face

May 19, 2012

We took the recycling to the road.  In one hand was a trashbag, and the other was a bag of empty bottles.  Mason tagged along behind me carrying a Sprite bottle and an empty box of crackers.  We tossed the items into the bucket.  “Thank you for helping me,” I said.  “I’m very good at helping!” Mason exclaimed.

We walked towards the house. “Pick me up, I don’t want to walk on the rocks and sticks,” he said.  I plucked him up. “Can you swing me daddy? Please?” Instead of going back inside to sweep the kitchen we went towards his swing set.

“Hop on buddy!” He scooted up onto the swing.  “My swing has never had bird poop on it, has it daddy?” I shake my head and give him a push.  He starts laughing.  “Are you having fun?” I ask.  “Yes!” he said laughing.

I pushed as he screamed with happiness. I walked around the front to see the look on his face.  He was having a great time.  I pushed his knees to keep him swinging.  “Why are you pushing my knees and not my heiney daddy? he asked.  “Because I want to see your laughing face,” I replied.

I walked back behind him and gave him another push.  The sun glistened off his blonde hair and reindeer pajammas.  “Push my knees daddy! I want you to see my laughing face. I love you daddy!” he said.  I told him I love him too and gave him another push.


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