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Grilling in the Rain

May 31, 2012


Tropical Depression Beryl arrived in our part of North Florida just after we fired up the grill.  We planned to make some bbq chicken and a little rain was not going to stop us.  I walked out the door with a platter full of chicken in one hand, and a Dark ‘N Stormy in the other.  

After lighting the grill I walked back to the house to grab a pain of tongs.  Mason was standing at the door in his pajamas holding an umbrella.  “Can I come outside and sit with you daddy?” he asked.  I said sure, grabbed the red handled tongs from the kitchen drawer, and followed him to the patio table. It was drizzling and I placed him on a dry seat cushion.  We opened his bright green umbrella (umbrellya in Mason talk) and made him a little tent. 

Becky and her mama soon joined us.  We all sat outside watching the rain, talking and drinking.  Meanwhile, Mason was huddled under his umbrella.  He sat pretending he was camping.  During the downpours the cats came and visited. 

The chicken slowly cooked.  And by slowly I mean at a glacial pace. I usually burn chicken but this time after an hour the outside was barely cooked.  I lifted the propane tank.  It was empty.  Thankfully Winn Dixie is a short walk from our house and the grilled was refueled in no time. 

Several Dark ‘N Stormy refills later the chicken was done, and we headed indoors to eat.  It was a fun afternoon sitting in the rain, and I am glad we did not let Beryl ruin our Memorial Day.

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  1. June 12, 2012 6:00 pm

    that situation happens too often in Florida! to make outdoor grilling more comfortable you should check out grillbrella . com, they have a unit that allows you to grill in the rain.. Enjoy the summer!

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