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The Knot Genie to the Rescue!

June 1, 2012

Miss Julia has scraggly hair.  That is a fact that is apparent each morning when she wakes up.  Wispy tendrils go off in all directions from her smiling little face.  I do my best to tame her hair before putting dropping her off at day care.  This entrails brushing out the knots that magically appear during the night and thehn attempting to get her long bangs out of her eyes with a bow or clip.  Some days are more successful than others. 

Part of the problem are the tools I have been using.  The small white brush no longer does the job, and the teeth on the comb I sometimes use on Mason are too close together.  Both of them result in tears and Miss Julia trying to wiggle off her dresser. 

Recently my friend sent me a Knot Genie  and a smaller Teeny Genie.  They both arrived in a purple box with clever logo.  Both the Knot Genie and the Teeny Genie had a curved purple outer shell.  The bottom was black and covered with numerous black teeth.  The teeth were in two lengths that alternated from one end of the brush to the other.  I was curious to see if it could tame Miss Julia’s locks. 

Miss Julia woke up on Monday and it was time to test the Knot Genie.  Her hair did not disappoint and was a delightful mess.  After washed and dressed I took the Knot Genie out of the box.  I ran the brush through her hair.  She let out an “Owwwwieee!”  She says no matter how gentle I am and I paid her no attention as I continued to work the knots out of her hair. 

The Knot Genie fit comfortably in my hand and prevented Miss Julia from knocking it out of my hand.  After a couple of minutes her beautiful brown hair was brushed and the knots were gone.  Once I managed to get a bow in her hair she looked pretty and I looked like I knew what I was doing. 

After several more uses I am very happy with both the Knot Genie and the Teeny Genie. They both make brushing Miss Julia’s hair much easier, and if you have a little girl whose hair is hard to brush I highly recommend picking one up!

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