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An Afternoon in Tallahassee

June 2, 2012

Mason recently learned about the planets at school and he can name them in order from Mercury through Neptune. Today we thought it would be fun to take him to the planetarium at the Challenger Learning Center to learn more about the planets. 

We got there between shows and grabbed some lunch at Harry’s on Kleman Plaza.  We then took a short walk to the State Capitol.  We walked around the grounds and checked out some displays inside the Old State Capitol.  How Florida could go from such a pretty building to the ugly New Capitol that stands behind it is beyond me, but I guess the 70s are to blame.

When we got back to the Challenger Learning Center we were the only ones who wanted to see the 4 o’clock planetarium show.  The guy inside picked a special movie out for Mason called The Secrets of the Cardboard Rocket.  Both him and Julia enjoyed it.  I loved hearing them both say “Woooowwww!” as a new planet popped up on the screen. 

We had a great time wandering around downtown Tallahassee.  The weather was perfect and parking was a breeze.  Both the kids were tired from their big day and after getting a drink at the Circle K on Mahan Drive nodded off to sleep. 

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