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Miss Julia’s First Day of Big Girl School

June 4, 2012

Since Miss Julia was twelve weeks old she has been under the care of Miss Cherrie. Dropping off your newborn baby to be taken care of by someone else is not an easy thing to do, but we knew Miss Cherrie took care of her like a grandbaby. For close to two years Jules spent her days with Miss Cherrie eating, napping and playing with the other kids. When she turned two years old it was time to move on and today was her first day of Big Girl School. Becky bought her an adorable dress and a backpack with a monkey on it. She packed it up last night and put an assortment of items inside including extra clothes, a baby, and diapers.

This morning Mason was excited about his sissy going to his school.  We packed them into the car and made the short drive.  When we go to Big Kid School Mason went into the Shark classroom to be with his buddies while we took Julia to the Penguin classroom.  She ran into the room and said hello to her teacher Miss Angie.  She then started exploring the room.  She played with some things on the table and said hello to some of her little friends who moved up from Miss Cherrie’s with her.

In a few minutes Miss Julia was settled in and ready for us to leave.  Instead of crying she waved goodbye to us and did not shed a tear. We actually had to grab her to get a few pictures!   I am very proud of our little girl and hope she has all kinds of fun with at her new school!

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