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Cooper Tire Ride ‘N Drive Event Day Two: Discoverer A/T3 and S/T MAXX

June 8, 2012

Our second day at the Cooper Tires Tire & Vehicle Test Track was spent learning what their Discoverer A/T3 and S/T MAXX line of tires could handle.  The morning started in the conference room where we learned about tread design and how Cooper had improved over their prior line of tires to become a leader in the segment.

Unlike yesterday where we took performance vehicles onto the wet track two large Chevrolet Yukons stood on the slippery pavement.  I was curious to see how the competitor’s tires stacked up against the Discoverer A/T3 tires.  My first few laps around the track were nerve-wracking.  The Yukon did not want to stay between the cones and I ended up driving like a grandma.  I was relieved when I climbed out of the first Yukon and into the one equipped with the A/T3 tires.  As my copilot Justin told me to push it I nailed the gas and cut it around a corner.  Instead of fishtailing I felt the Cooper Tires bite into the pavement and swung around the corner without incident.

After taking the Yukons for a spin I got to take a ride with Ali Aljibouri in a Baja Rall truck.  I was anticipating a very bumpy ride but was completely wrong.  Ali hammered the throttle and we glided over the dirt and rocks of the off road circuit.  Coming down the back straight away Ali estimated we hit 110 mph. It was a wild ride and one of the highlights of my day.

Lunch time approached and pizza was trucked in from nearby Pearsall.  As we headed outside I was excited for the afternoon session which would consists of experiencing the A/T3 and Discoverer S/T MAXX off-road capabilities.  I climbed into a 4-door Jeep Wrangler and we headed towards the mud bog.  Large sprinkler heads dumped gallons of water onto the soft dirt to make a perfect mixture of mud.  Two Jeep Cherokees were our test vehicles and it was a blast watching them tear up and down the bog with mud rooster tailing behind them.  I was eager to get behind the wheel as I had never experienced this kind of driving.  the A/T3 and S/T MAXX tires both performed well.  The engineer told me to come to a complete stop, let the truck sink, and then take my foot off the brake.  I assumed I would end up stuck, but the A/T3 and S/T MAXX tires both climbed out of the mud from a dead stop.  It was pretty impressive.

Following the mud bog we hit the hill climb with three different 45 degree surfaces including a polished concrete approach.  Again the A/T3 and S/T MAXX tires were up to the challenge and easily scaled the incline.  Driving up that kind of hill was again something new for me, and it was a different experience to just see blue sky as the tires did their job bringing us to the crest of the hill. The day closed out watching Ali drive over a small portion of the Rubicon trail they recreated; testing out the strength of the tire sidewalls; and taking the Jeeps on a trail ride.  The entire day was a blast, and I can see why people enjoy taking their vehicles off road.

For the second day in a row I came away impressed by Cooper Tires’ products.  One of our family’s cars is a small SUV and driving in rain slicked conditions is something we encounter on a weekly basis.  Feeling in control with my kids strapped into their car seats is something I need from a tire.  Cooper provided this, and I am seriously thinking of swapping out the current ones on our vehicle for a set of new Discoverer A/T3 tires.

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  1. June 24, 2012 7:28 am

    Good stuff about the Yukon and the A/T3. I’ll be shopping around for tires in the near future for the Element and I’ll definitely check out Cooper.

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