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Our Little Man

June 10, 2012

I love that Becky has summer off and is able to spend time with the kids!  Some days they go to Big Boy School and others they sleep in.  Some days just Mason goes and then others days it will be Julia.

The best part about summertime is there is no real schedule.  Sure there are things to do, but if they want to play outside, or go to the park, or take a ride to Thomasville they can.  One thrill of my day is getting pictures of their days.  Becky sent a couple to me today.  She took Mason up to Thomasville for lunch and I am sure got him a new engine at Shapes and More.

The first was taken at Henderson’s, our favorite place to get hamburgers.  He looked like he was in a mood with his hand on the side of his head.  I joked that it looked like we had a brooding novelist on our hands.

In the second one he was helping his momma wash her car.  He was concentrating hard and soaked from head to toe as he helped her rinse it off.  I am sure he got squirt with hose and loved every second of it.

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