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A Day at the Track Beats a Pair of Socks

June 14, 2012

The annual day on which we celebrate how awesome our dads are is fast approaching!  A day such as this calls for a gift that expresses how grateful we are for all our dads did for us.  The question is what kind of gift adequately expresses this kind of gratitude? Many will panic and pick up something, anything in fact, and toss it in a hastily wrapped box.  These gift will make their ways to millions of dad who will force a smile after opening their present.  These same heart broken dads will then tell everyone they loved the shirt/tie/mug/macaroni artwork they got for Father’s Day while secretly sobbing inside.

Enough with the shirts and ties!  Dads everywhere deserve something much cooler.  Something they will truly look back on their special day with a twinkle in their eye.  Something their buddies will nod their heads in approval of, say it was a solid gift and mean it.  That something is a day at a USF2000 Indy ladder series race event.

It just so happens that the folks from Cooper Tire & Rubber Company are offering a once in a lifetime experience for two. The prize package includes a new set of four Cooper tires, entry into a USF2000 Indy series race event, a behind-the-scenes tour with IndyCar legend Johnny Unser, round trip airfare and accommodations.

That is one heck of a Father’s Day present and way better than a paisley tie!  To enter, simply visit and click the “Life’s a Road Trip” tab.  Entries for the contest may be submitted now through June 29. Each submission is automatically entered into a random drawing for an exclusive race day experience for two. One lucky dad will be awarded the prize package July 2!  Oh, one bit of legal disclosure, you have to be 18 to enter.  I blame the age restriction on those dang lawyers.

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