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Pizza Pie and Ice Cream Sundaes

June 15, 2012

Waiting for pizza pie

Tonight we piled the kids in the car and headed up to Moonspin Pizza in Thomasville, Georgia.  The restaurant was pretty packed and entertaining Mason and Jules while the “pizza pie” cooked was no easy task.  By the time it arrived they were very happy and tore into their slices. 

Someone likes pizza

We had two hungry little ones, and ended up bring none of the pizza home (a first for us) after Jules ate the last slice as for dessert.   We also got a couple of raspberry sundaes.  Jules showed off how good of a sharer she is becoming by forcing me to eat ice cream mixed with pizza residue out of her hands. 

A full belly and smiles

After dinner we went to our favorite local book store, The Book Shelf, and picked up some things to read.  Becky remarked it was a perfect Friday night out with the family, and I agree. 

Sharing her sundae

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