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Jefferson County’s 62nd Annual Watermelon Festival

June 16, 2012

Becky and Julia before the parade

Today was the Jefferson County Watermelon Festival parade.  Since Mason and Julia won their divisions of the baby photo contest they had to ride on the float.  The parade started at 10 o’clock and we arrived a little after 9 o’clock.  While Becky wrangled the kids I hung their posters up on the side of the float.  Mason and I then parked the car at the Gerry Medical Clinic building and hoofed it back to the float.  I was happy it was cooler than usual or else I would have melted.

Daddy and Mason before the parade

Mason did not want to wave to anyone during the parade and sat in my lap with his arms by on his knees.  The only people he did give a little wave for were his meme and Miss Aubrey.  He gave a bashful smile when he saw her on the north side of the Courthouse. 

Meme and the kids

When the parade was over we walked around downtown, got the kids a slush, and had a little picnic on the backside of the Wyrick Simmons house.  It was a very nice way to spend the afternoon and before heading home we grabbed some dessert from Tupelo’s Bakery. 

Picnic at the Wyrick Simmons House

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