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Brewsday Tuesday: Corsendonk Pater

June 19, 2012

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary was today and we headed to Clusters & Hops in Tallahassee, Florida for dinner. The one that accompanied my entree of ostrich filet, smoked duck, and roasted duck was Corsendonk Pater.  My thoughts are below. Cheers!

Name: Corsendonk Pater / Abbey Brown Ale

Brewed by: Brouwerig Corsendonk

Location: Oud-Turnhout, Belgium

Style/ABV: Dubbel / 7.5%

Appearance: Pours a rich dark brown color with a lovely three finger deep cream head in a Corsendonk chalice.  The head slowly fades and some lacing is present.

Smell: Yeasty estery goodness of dark fruits, bananas and bready malts.  Brown sugar, and spices are also present.

Taste: Opens with sweet malts and some brown sugar before moving into the banana and spice notes.  Mild hops with a sweet finish.  Very nice.

Mouthfeel: Medium with medium carbonation.  Crisp.

Overall: The complexities of this beer paired up amazingly well with the gaminess of the duck breast.  I really enjoyed the layers of flavors this beer held, and would not hesitate to pick up another one.

Final Grade: A

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