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Brewsday Tuesday: Pranqster

June 26, 2012

I was strolling through the beer store when I saw this sitting on the clearance table. A Belgian style Golden Ale? The ridiculous use of a “Q”? The jolly black and white label? Surely this was worth a try.  I picked it up. Paid my $2.50 + tax and walked out of the store with very low expectations.

Name: Pranqster

Brewed by: North Coast Brewing Co.

Location: Fort Bragg, CA

Style/ABV: Belgian Strong Pale Ale / 7.6%

Appearance: Pours a hazy golden color with lots of carbonation that fizz and leave a thin 1/2 finger head on the top of the beer.  .

Smell: The Belgian yeast gives off some great aromas including cloves, banana, pears, light malts and a bit of barnyard funk.

Taste: Wow. Covers all of the flavors that the nose provides. Opens with great clove notes and other spices. Moves into fruit notes with bananas at the front. A bit of warmth from the alcohol then a nice sweet honey that closes with a spicy finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium with medium carbonation.

Overall: OMG. (Yeah, I went there.) I had no idea what I was picking up at the store, and I wish I had grabbed a couple of more bottles.  Pranqster is a very drinkable Belgian strong ale with a great flavor profile.  It is clean and complex and so easy to drink.  I. Want. More.

Final Grade: A

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