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At Least There’s Japan

June 28, 2012

If something bizarre happens in America it most likely occurred in Florida.  From hanging chads, to face eating zombies, to pythons eating gators, if it can be categorized as “news of the weird,” it probably happened in the Sunshine State.  My friend Mike summed it up when he said it’s like there’s a crazy convention every year and they talk up Florida.

So, with my state’s fondness for the odd when I saw a headline this morning talking about a man who cooked his own genitals I naturally assumed it happened somewhere in Tampa.  As I read the story I was actually surprised to learn it happened in Japan.  According to the story, “Mao Sugiyama had his penis and testicles surgically removed in March and kept them frozen for two months before cooking them at a public event in May. Diners each paid 20,000 yen ($250) for a portion.”

I don’t think I have read two sentences containing so much disturbing information in quite some time.  Why anyone would want to surgically remove their twig and berries is beyond me.  Why anyone would want to pay to eat someone’s package is on an entirely different level of incomprehension.   One thing I was able to take away from the story after suppressing my gag reflex was that Florida is no longer the weirdest place.

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