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A Weekend with the Kids

June 29, 2012

Every year the Bandy side of Becky’s family has a reunion up in Casey County, Kentucky.  She found out earlier this week her great-aunt, uncle, aunt and cousin were driving up.  I told her she should go, and after talking it over she decided to head up to Button Knob.   She met her cousin in Valdosta, Georgia and from there they are made the drive up I-75.  Of course being Bandys they decided to “take the back roads” and around lunch time I got a text asking for a restaurant suggestion in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.

With Becky gone for the weekend me and the kids are left to fend for ourselves.  Tonight we had dinner followed by baths.  I then made some popcorn and we watched Madagascar.  They enjoyed it and both got up to dance to I Like to Move It.  Julia has rhythm. Mason not so much.

For the rest of the weekend, I think it will entail hanging around the house.  We’ll probably play outside and I am sure Mason will ask me to be his “talkie raider.” As for taking the two of them to do anything, doing so by myself is next to impossible, especially if Miss Julia is in a mood.  Hopefully we can make it through the weekend without any major meltdowns.

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