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Happy 5th Blogday

July 23, 2012

Good Lord. Five years? I have been blogging for five years.  I have never been able to stick with anything in my life (except for my relationship with Becks) for anything close to five years.

I have posted over 1,800 entries and had over 156,000 hits. I am amazed that so many people read the musings of a small-town North Florida dad and appreciate each and every one.

This past years I started chronicling my gardening exploits; Brewsday Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday.  I think these have been interesting additions to the blog and plant to continue them in Year Six.

Other than that, I am floored that I have stuck with this for half a decade.  I love being able to read the older entries and see how many adventures I have had since 2007.  I am interested to see what the next five years, and beyond (God willing), hold.

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  1. J.Carney permalink
    July 29, 2012 8:43 am

    Happy (belated ) Blogday! Impressive numbers! Keep em coming!

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