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Goodbye Dead Wood

July 26, 2012

A couple of weeks ago during a wind storm the top of a tree between our house and the neighbor’s broke off and fell on their roof.  There was no damage, and the limbs were removed without incident.  I looked into getting the tree cut down because a portion of it was still endangering the house.

Since that time a new family moved into the house.  Dorothy and Wood are really nice people but their attempts to install satellite television have been hampered by the tree.  This week Wood asked me if I was cool with several limbs being removed.  I told him absolutely and he had a buddy come over to look at what needed to be removed.

This afternoon when I got home his friend’s bucket truck was in our yard trimming the tree.  He cut down the limbs that were obstructing the satellite’s line of sight and the large one that was overhanging the house.  I asked him what I owed him and he told me whatever I wanted to throw his way.  I gave him some cash and thanked him for doing a good job.  I am happy Wood has television service, and I am glad the limb that could damage their roof has been removed.

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