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Out With the Old

July 29, 2012

After living with an ugly, peeling, cracking kitchen floor for 7 years our nightmare is over.  Tomorrow the floor guy is coming at 10:00 a.m. to put in our new kitchen floor.  That meant today we had to clear out all of the books, furniture and appliances.  We moved most of the things into the dining room.  The washer and dryer were taken to the garage.  Other items were placed in the shed.

Once the kitchen and office area were clear it was time to rip up the old floor.  Using a claw hammer I tore out the old quarter round and tossed it out the back door.  After it was gone we pulled back the old floor.  It consisted of two layers of peel and stick tile and a layer of old vinyl flooring.  I was amazed at how easy it came out.

Underneath the old layers was the sub flooring.  It needed some work in several areas and I knew they would have to put down some new plywood.  In the office area we uncovered a surprise, some of the ugliest linoleum I have ever seen.  It was gold with a stylized flower patter.  Ugly! I have no idea what they were thinking when they laid that on the floor. Timeless it was not. I cannot wait to cover the entire mess with black and white linoleum and hope the new install goes smoothly!

One side note, when Mason saw the state of the kitchen he asked who tore up the kitchen.  He likes order, and I think having our dining room full of kitchen items threw him off.

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