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A Day at the Jacksonville Zoo

August 10, 2012

We love going to the Jacksonville Zoo.  It is just big enough to have an amazing collection and just small enough to be able to see almost all of  it with a couple of toddlers in tow.  This morning we packed the kids up and headed to meet Krissy and her daughter Taylor.  Mason was excited about riding on the train and Julia was just excited to be on a road trip.

When we got to the zoo we picked up our passes and toured the bird enclosure.  Mason held my hand as we walked.  The look on his face as we saw the birds that were making a huge racket was priceless.  Julia trailed behind getting as close as she could to the birds.  Towards the end a pygmy deer sprinted out in front of us.  He was very fast and darted into the woods.

The next highlight of our visit was petting the stingrays in a large pool.  The kids hung over and stuck their hands into the pool as the silky animals swam by.  One of the rays got really close to the surface and splashed Becky and the kids.  They squealed as the salt water soaked their clothes.

When we got to the giraffes we bought the kids a ticket so they could feed the long necked animals.  Soon it was there turn and they walked up with their tuft of leaves.  One giraffe walked over and stuck its long black tongue out towards the leaves.  Mason and Julia were entranced as their sticks disappeared.

We did not see any Jaguars but Mason was able to ride the carousel and Julia splashed around the in the water park.  I was so proud of Mason for not crying as he rode the alligator.  I was also proud of the way Julia played with the other kids as she raced around the jets of water.

The day ended with a ride on the train.  We boarded it near the river and rode it 1 1/2 times around until we got off at the station near the entrance.  As we walked to the car Mason had his flashlight and Julia had her dragonfly necklace on Krissy got them.  They were happy and tired as we made our way for the car.

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