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Taking the Kids to See the Suns

August 11, 2012

We checked into the hotel after the zoo.  While relaxing and watching television we kept an eye on a band of thunderstorms to the east.  Our plan was to take the kids to a Jacksonville Suns’ game but a bad thunderstorm would ruin it.  The sky was black, but the rain stayed off shore.  We decided to chance it and headed over to the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville.  We parked for $5 and bought three general admission tickets (Julia was free) for $15.

Inside we met Becky’s cousin Sam and her boyfriend David.   Krissy and her husband Noah joined us a few minutes later.  We chatted as the teams warmed up on the field.  Before the first pitch I bought us some gigantic bratwursts, a bag of popcorn, and a couple of beers.  I took my seat and took in the Minor League Baseball goodness.  The park was filling in with people and over the left field wall sat Everbank Field.  Downtown Jacksonville was to the right.  Kids ran around and the park was alive.  It was a great atmosphere.

The game kept Mason entertained while Julia ran around the seats. We were the only ones up in the back of the section of seats and she had free reign.  Sam was a sweetheart keeping an eye.  By the 6th inning they were starting to get antsy and we decided to head back to the hotel.  When we got back Mason wanted to swim.  I took him down and we had the entire pool to ourselves.  He hung to the side and then held onto me as I carried him around the pool.  The Main Street bridge was lit up and it was a great ending to a very fun day.


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