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Swinging Outside with Miss Julia and Little Man

August 27, 2012

The track of Tropical Storm Isaac has continued to move west.  It started in Destin, moved to Mobile, and now is threatening to swamp the City in the Bowl.  Our area is expected to get rain.  We got a little this afternoon, but since then it has been suspiciously dry.

When I got home this evening the sky was gray but the rain was holding off.  Miss Julia beamed when I walked in the door and I picked her up and gave  her a hug. Little man was playing with some cars and gave me a hello.  I dropped off my keys and then asked Miss Julia if she wanted to go swing on her swing set.

“Yaaaay! Outside! Swing me daddy!”

We walked to the back door and I helped her down the back steps. As soon as she reached the bottom she took off for the swing set.  I followed and when I arrived wiped off her her swing with a towel.  I plopped her into it and gave her a push.  She laughed.  I eventually went in and told Mason to come outside so I could push him.  He jumped into his swing and smiled as I gave him a push.

I sat there pushing them both as they laughed and watched the cats run around the backyard.  Becky eventually stuck her head outside and reminded me of the EEE warning that was in place for the county.  As soon as I got bit I told them it was time to go inside.  To lessen the blow I promised them lemonade.  They ran towards the door.  I love swinging them and the 15 minutes we spent outside were the best part of my day.

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