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Florida State vs. Murray State

September 1, 2012

After a long wait one of my favorite times of the year has arrived, college football season! On Friday I was given two tickets to the game from my office.  Even though I was feeling under the weather due to a sinus infection Mason and I headed to the game on Saturday.

We met my friend Joe and his son and drove into the game together.  After a beer (or two) in Lot 14 we headed into the stadium.  Our seats on the alumni side near the 50 yard line were amazing. We were in the shade and after watching an F/A-18 flyover the stadium got ready for kickoff.

While I watched the game Mason happily snacked on popcorn and a Powerade (there is no G_torade in Doak!).  By half-time he was ready to go and the ‘Noles had this game in hand.  We listened to it on the ride home until he slumped over asleep near on Crump Road.  The final score was 69-3 and I had a blast with my little buddy.

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