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39″ TVs are Hard to Find

September 2, 2012

This afternoon with the kids under the supervision of Meme we headed off to Tallahassee in search of a television to replace our 10 year old set. In addition to being on a budget we were also restricted by the 36″ opening in the living room cabinet.

Our first stop was Best Buy.  We wandered around looking at TVs until one of their blue clad workers asked if we needed any help.  We explained what were were looking for and were taken to their 39″ TVs.  Two were off brands while the third was made by Samsung.  I had done some research on this one, and despite only having two HDMI ports, received good reviews.  It also measured in at 35 5/8 inches wide.  Unfortunately, I really wanted to walk out the door with a new TV and they were out of the Samsung.

Becky and I drove to three additional stores looking for the same TV. None of them had it, and we eventually returned back to Best Buy to place an order and pick up some Blu-rays.  The TV will be in next Friday and before then I will need to schedule an appointment with DirecTV for a receiver upgrade.

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