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Sneaky Sneakerton

September 6, 2012

It was a little before 7 o’clock when I plucked Julia from her crib.  She was still sleepy as she wandered into the living room with a baby in tow.  I covered her up with a blanket and put Disney Jr. on the TV.

Before heading back into the kitchen to fix lunches I turned the bathroom light on.  I figured Mason would wake up when he saw the light and would join his sissy in the living room.

A minute of two later I heard the patter of little feet scoot into the bathroom.  The light was flicked off and then he jumped back into bed.  I went into his room.  He had pulled the covers up over his head.  I uncovered him and he laughed.

“I sneaked you Daddy!”

“I know you did. That was some good sneaking.”

“Yeah it was daddy. I shut the light off. I’m still sleepy.”

I gave him a hug and he ran into our room.  He hopped into bed and avoided getting out of his pjs, and into his big boy school clothes, for as long as possible.

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