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Up at Three and a New TV

September 7, 2012

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. this morning to drive to a mediation south of Orlando.  Between Monticello and the I-75 interchange I think I passed a half dozen cars.  The rest stops were packed with sleeping truckers tucked in their cabs.  Even the agriculture checks were quiet.

Mediation went well, and after grabbing a blue colored Slurpee from a local 7-11 I headed towards Tallahassee.  The TV we bought last Sunday had arrived at the store and was ready for pick-up.  Although I wanted a nap, I was excited about heading to Best Buy.

When I arrived at customer service they had trouble finding the order. They eventually located it, and minutes later it was loaded into the car.  I carried in it and after moving the hulking console of our old TV hooked it up to our DirecTV and the new Blu-ray player.

Becky arrived home with the kids and we watched the Fox & the Hound while Julia sat in my lap and Mason raced his matchcars around the floor.  Tomorrow the DirecTV technician is scheduled to install our new HD box.  I am looking forward to see how college football looks once everything is set up.

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