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Fall Garden Update: Week 1

September 10, 2012

This weekend while we were up in Thomasville we stopped by Lowes to check out their selection of fall vegetable plants.  They had a lot of herbs in addition to a lot of green leafy vegetables.  After looking around we picked up three package of plants: cabbage, Swiss chard, and collard greens.  We also picked up a couple packet of seeds including sugar snap peas, carrots, and green beans.

Yesterday afternoon after watching the Jaguars lose in heartbreaking fashion we all went outside.  While the kids drove Mason’s car around the yard I tore out the stringy roots left behind by the tomato plants.  After working the soil I added three bags of mushroom compost and mixed thoroughly.  The spade I was using was hard to maneuver, and I ended up using my hands.  By the time I was done dirt was up to my elbows.  I loved it.

When it was time to plant Miss Julia lent a hand.  She moved dirt from the bed to a clay pot and patted each handful gently.  She was having a blast playing in the dirt as I set out lines of the plants.  We ended up planting 6 cabbages, six Swiss chard, and 5 collard green plants.  It was originally eight cabbage until Miss Julia ripped out two.  I did run out of room to plant the seeds, but assuming some of these don’t make it (my track records with a fall garden isn’t very good and I am sure a few more will fall victim to the kids) will plant them in their place shortly.

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