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A Petri Dish Diary: The Season’s First Cold

September 13, 2012

The kids are back at school everyday and that means one thing, diseases! I am pretty sure as soon as they stepped over the threshold their noses began running like tiny little faucets.  Yesterday afternoon Miss Julia woke up with a fever from her nap.  Becky took her to the doctor’s office where she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, and prescribed an antibiotic that smelled (and tasted) like cheese. Getting her to take it was a major challenge,  and since she could not go back to school for a 24-hour period her cold earned me a day “off.”

Mason was sitting in the bed when I woke up and I told him it was time to head to big boy school.  He protested saying he wanted to stay home with his sissy.  When I told him he had to go, he said he wanted to spend the day with me and then topped it off by saying he “would only be three years old once.” After they were both bathed I loaded them into the car to make the drive to my office.  The entire trip Mason kept talking about chocolate donuts and how they were his “favorite food of the year.”  I grabbed my computer, a couple of files, and made a bee line to Dunkins.  Mason happily snacked on his donut while Miss Julia nibbled on her before surrendering to her brother’s incessant request to hold her donut.  Within moments of him grabbing it, her donuts disappeared.

When we got home the kids watched Cinderella while I worked on some reports.  I was not able to get anything done until Julia took a 4 1/2 hour nap.  By the time Becky got home she was still cutting Zs.  When she did wake up, she looked a little better.  I think it was a combination of the medicine and some rest.  Hopefully she will be back to her playful self tomorrow.

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